Gemini Woman And Scorpio Man

It is very difficult visualizing a long lasting love relationship between Gemini woman and Scorpio man. Despite being passionate, Scorpio man is very demanding, jealous, as well as possessive. He is also adamant and follows his own rules. Gemini woman will seem to be intellectually sound for him but inconsistency, too outgoing nature, flirtatious, reckless, and impatient nature of the Gemini woman is a bit too much to digest for the Scorpio man.


Initial spark in the relationship thus can end up in smokes if there is lack of adjustment and compromise from both sides. Scorpio men have a lot of expectations while Gemini woman may not be able to fulfill. Reckless and carefree nature of Gemini woman is something that the Scorpio man cannot withstand. Suspicious and jealous nature of Scorpio man is something that Gemini woman always detests. It is extremely difficult for fun loving and dual natured Gemini woman to stick to a single commitment though she always looks for something exciting, and stimulating.

Forever roaming in the fantasy land, her mind never settles for one. Scorpio man can easily win over seemingly impossible situations but his intensity and love for power may create a little problem in the relationship. He is at his worst when angry and his demands of “forever” are what frightens Gemini woman out of the relationship easily. Somewhere in the midst of the relationship, Scorpio man will realize how much he adores the qualities of charm and bubbly attitude in Gemini woman. This however will ultimately result in generating jealousy and possessiveness that could harm their relationship instead of harnessing it. Basically it is clash of the sense of “forever” in Scorpio man with “temporary” in Gemini woman. While the playful side of Gemini woman comes out in the sexual relationships, for Scorpio it is a serious affair. Parallel lines, they will never synchronize at a final destination.

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