Scorpio Woman And Gemini Man

Brilliance and zeal of Gemini man is irresistible for Scorpio woman. On the other hand Gemini man will be attracted by the passion and loyalty of Scorpio woman. Despite these positive touches, the negative side of the two zodiac signs is such that the jealousy and over demanding behavior of Scorpio woman coupled with inconsistency and impatience of Gemini man makes the combination an extremely difficult one. It is essential for them to figure out the pit falls in their relationship to make it long standing. After initial strong bond, the relationship goes stale due to the basic differences in their personalities.


Major hiccups will emanate and the relationship may not be smooth and amiable at all. Both will face major temperamental differences and permanence in relationship would be out of reach. He will be hypnotized by her passion about almost everything in life and she will enjoy the intellectual discussions initiated. But that is where the compatibility ends. Scorpio woman will look for security and commitment while Gemini man will find it very difficult to provide. Victim of dual personality, Gemini man has unusual as well as uncommonly appealing qualities of remaining youthful for ever and rare qualities of attracting normally self contained as well as very conscious Scorpio female.

But Scorpio woman will be at loss about how the Gemini man is expressing multiple mood spectrums while Gemini man does not also exude excessive sexuality which may be his undoing with the Scorpio woman. Strong, intense and poised, the Scorpio woman is full of mysteries and intrigues. On the negative side she is jealous and more passionate than normal that makes her highly vengeful. Despite the child like talks and activities of Gemini man attracting her initially, she will easily be disillusioned and the relationship could take a sharp downward curve. Worse part of it is that sedate and slow paced Gemini man is no sexual match for the intensely passionate Scorpio woman.

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